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Newsletter 14.11.2018

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Parent governor election

We had three nominations for Parent Governors so we will be holding an election – you will receive a separate letter so you can vote for your preferred candidate.

Children’s Progress Day: Tuesday 20th November

Progress Day is when we meet you and talk together about your child’s progress, and any areas where your child needs extra help. This is an important meeting. We make sure we have an appointment with every parent.

If you are able to arrange for other family members or friends to look after your child or children, that helps with the smooth running of the day.

Are you working or studying? We will fit the appointment around your schedule.

Because staff are meeting with parents all day, there is no nursery session.

Noble False Widow Spiders

In Newham, there has been an increase of these spiders in schools. As a result, we had our site checked by Pest Control. So we know that we have some of these spiders living in our garden. The British Pest Control Association say that “false widow spiders are not aggressive and will not launch an unprovoked attack on people. When bites do occur, it seems to be a result of accidental contact with a spider. The venom of the Noble False Widow Spider can cause a short-lived reaction, described as similar to a wasp sting, but occasionally it is longer-lasting and extends beyond the site of the bite.”

We will carefully monitor the garden to make sure children are kept safe. We will also discourage children from touching any spiders they might see. We be following our usual First Aid procedures. If you have any concerns about the spiders then please talk to me, or to Lindsey (Deputy Headteacher).

Dr Julian Grenier, headteacher

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