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Nursery School closed for Training and Development Monday 24th June

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Dear parents

Reminder: nursery school closed for Training and Development on Monday 24thJune

On Monday the staff team will be learning more about an approach called ‘Team Teach’ at Gainsborough Primary School, one of the partners in our Teaching School Alliance.

We already use the Team Teach approach to make sure that the young children in the nursery school are kept safe and that we de-escalate any difficult situations.

That means that if a child becomes very angry or upset, we manage that situation well, and help them to calm down in a safe way.


A lot of our work now is about transition.

We’ve got some children moving from Red/Yellow room into the larger nursery group.

Many children will be starting school soon. So we’re arranging visits from their new teachers, and arranging for them to visit their new school.

Every child handles these changes differently. Please talk to your key person if you have any worries or you need any advice. We’re all here to help.  

Dr Julian Grenier, headteacher

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