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Our final newsletter of the year

Read the original newsletter here [PDF]

Today and tomorrow are the last two days of the school year. So, we’d all like to thank you so much for your support and involvement with the Nursery School this year.

You’ve been an amazing group of parents. Thank you so much.

We were especially glad that so many parents took the time to speak to governors on Progress Day to give feedback on the year. We always read this carefully. It helps us to think about what’s gone well this year, and what we could do better.

You can also give your views online about the Nursery School through Ofsted ParentView.

If your child is starting back with us in the autumn, their first day will be Wednesday 11th. September. Before then, we’ll be home visiting all the new children.

Don’t forget about the summer programme – the Children’s Centre is open. Check out what’s on here [PDF]

Finally, there is some important information in the newsletter about headlice – how to recognise them and how to treat them. You can read the newsletter here [PDF]






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