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Partnership with families

Our partnership with parents is a big part of our work.

You know so much about your child.

Your support and encouragement will make a big difference to their learning.

Click on the button to download our Handbook for Families

What to expect in the Early Years?

  • What will your child be learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage?
  • How can you help your child?

Click on the button to download our free booklet: ‘What to expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage: a guide for parents’

Our Curriculum

We’ve written a 2-page guide to the EYFS curriculum for parents.

Click on the button to download a copy.

Sending and Receiving Messages

We use WhatsApp to message parents and enable parents to message us

Follow the instructions on the graphic.

You will receive regular messages from us about the nursery, events, and children’s play and learning. You can message us with any questions or information.

Sharing your child’s learning

How we share important examples of what your child is learning in nursery, and how you can share information about your child’s learning at home
  • We use a secure online platform called Tapestry
  • Please download the app for iOS or Android. Your key person will help you to set it up. There is also an online guide to setting up your account – see the video link in this section
  • We use Tapestry to share videos of a small number of special examples of your child’s learning. Your key person will talk with you whenever they upload a video so you can discuss your child’s play and learning. They will also ask your child to comment on their learning. It’s great if you can watch the video at home with your child and talk together about it.
  • If your child has a very special event in their life or is busy learning something special (like the first time they manage to ride a 2-wheeled bike) you can share a video with us. Your key person will explain how to do this. You can also watch the online guide adding an observation – see the video link in this section
We use Tapestry for 4 reasons:
  1. To share important examples of children’s learning and play with parents
  2. To learn from parents about children’s key play, learning and life events at home
  3. To encourage children to talk about their learning with parents and staff
  4. To help parents with ideas for supporting their children’s learning at home

Essential Books and Rhymes

Our curriculum includes a list of essential books and rhymes for 2-year olds, and for 3 & 4-year olds.
  • We aim for every child to learn all the rhymes and join in, and enjoy all of the books
  • This gets children off to a great start with their communication and love of books
  • You’ll get a message every two weeks on WhatsApp, with a video of the rhyme and the book and suggestions for activities at home
  • Please set aside 5-10 minutes a week to watch the videos with your child. Help them to learn the words of the rhymes and songs. Talk together about the stories.

Click on the buttons to visit the pages and see the books and rhymes with video links.

Helping your child to communicate

  • Communication is a key part of children’s early learning
  • Knowing more words at age 5 is strongly associated with doing better all the way through schooling. Children with good communication at 5 are much more likely to get good GCSE grades aged 16
  • It’s important to spend time chatting, playing and reading with your child. This helps them to develop their communication.
  • We have created the ShREC approach to supporting children’s communication.